Hire me! 

How this work? 

1. Contact me! 

And let me know what it is that I can do for you.  Give some references or photos and we can see what to do. You can contact me trought mail or in my Social Media. 

2. Sketching and being creative! 

It’s time to be creative! And try to do the draw that you want! I’ll send you some sketchs and you tell me what to change! 

3. Finish it! 

Now I’ll start drawing the final piece. I’ll send you a preview mid-way to make sure everything is going okay. When it is done, and you approve it, I’ll send you by mail all the work in High-Res for digital drawings.  (JPG/PNG)


The full Team!

Full body & full colour: £50

Full body & flat colour: £40

Full body lineart: £25


Size: A4
Extra character +£10
Background: +£10
Flat background: FREE!


The Middle Team!

Half body & full colour: £30

Half body & flat colour: £20

Half body & lineart + one colour: £15


Size: A4
Extra character + £5
Backgroud:  + £10

The avatar Team!

Avatar: £10


+All full colours
+Size: 500 x 500 px



1. What can you draw/don’t draw?

I’m pretty much okay with anything that’s not outright porn or fetish art!  
I’m not good with heavy mecha things or realistic animals on digital drawings.

Just shoot me an email and I’ll take a look!

2. How does payment work?

I accept Paypal and direct Transfers if you life in the UK!
Once your commission details + pricing are confirmed, I’ll email you and invoice where you can make the payment! 
And you’ll receive an email confirmation about your payment! 

3. How long it take?

All commissions will be doing in the order that it comes and how much work I’ll have. 
But no more than 2 weeks.